Staff Value Proposition

Your best employees are attracted to apply and retained after year one

The camp experience is positioned as professional development

Staff are given the tools to better communicate their skills and experience after the summer ends


Efficient Management

Expectations are clearly defined and communicated to staff

Structures are in place to train, track and evaluate staff in meeting expectations

All staff receive support and feedback to succeed at their level

Improved Communication

Channels of communication are created both up and down “the chain”

Issues are identified and addressed in real time

More meaningful staff reviews take place

Increased Performance

Improved staff motivation, initiative and engagement during the summer

Supervisors are empowered to better coach and give feedback to their staff

Staff develop skills that improve their job performance

Data Collection

Information allows camp administrators to have a real-time, big picture view of performance

Reviews of performance can assist with hiring decisions

Evidence of skills is useful in writing recommendations for staff


Better Camper Outcomes

Staff model and teach the skills they develop themselves

Engaged and happy staff positively impact camper experience

Retention of popular staff can impact camper re-enrollment