Give your campers more than a summer of fun and sports.  Give them transferable skills that will last them a lifetime and ensure they are equipped to succeed as they move forward in fulfilling their potential.

powerful learning

- Scott Brody, CEO of E21

Integrating these principles into the culture of a camp community while maintaining the cores values that it's members have been brought up to live by is the key to an organic experience that makes a difference.

be intentional


We all know that camp is fun. Full of activities that many kids don't get the opportunity to try throughout the school year. But what if camp could be more than a fun experience? What if camp could be a profoundly powerful learning experience for your campers, without them even knowing it? And what if you could measure their development and success? Through utilizing the traditional values of a camp experience (fun and friendship), it is possible to impart critical soft skills such as; leadership, communication and creativity. E21 helps to infuse these outcomes into a camp program.  



focus on the important skills

Having a focus on skills such as; collaboration and critical thinking is a huge benefit to kids and undoubtedly facilitates their ability to thrive in today's world. Creating an environment which fosters opportunities to practice and learn these skills is crucial to their growth. E21 helps to bring an intentional focus to the development of the children and youth that we serve which parents have come to expect and campers ultimately deserve.