Improved Counseling - Infusing your staff orientation with E21 will raise your counselors awareness of critical 'soft skills'. Furthermore, they will have chance to practice implementing these skills in activity and bunk situations.

Example Brainstorm: How can we focus specifically on communication during a soccer period?

  • Limit communication techniques - silence, body language, gestures, blindfolds
  • Introduce rules - before shooting you must shout the name of the person who passed you the ball
  • Create a common warm up that every camper has a chance to lead 

Enhanced program, increased camper development, more quality staff members.

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Better Role Models - E21 generates highly trained staff who display competence in 21st century skills. By modeling these skills in front of campers and being able to communicate with kids in those terms, they are providing both visual examples and teaching the kids the skills for themselves. Skilled staff are the role models you want for skilled young people. 

Self Motivated Staff - Through regular, high quality feedback. Counselors minds will automatically become pro-active as they subconsciously refer back to their targets and goals. The ability to tailor learning and focus on their own development gives counselors the opportunity to be in control of their learning and be passionate about their own growth. Staff members become increasingly self sufficient, spirited and enthusiastic. 


Real Internship - Being a camp counselor is a tough job that requires numerous different skills to be successful. Leading a group of campers up a mountain, communicating effectively with a child who is homesick,  creating a game during an unannounced Rainstorm. 

The work counselors engage in during the summer offers them the potential to grow and learn far greater than other 'traditional' internships. The program will place value on their work and coach them how to use their new experiences in job interviews. As well as translate their summer of growth to their resume. 

Career Advancement - The critical skills we focus on are essential competencies for any employment field. Work and training imparted from camp, is transferable to any career, and the 'soft skills' developed will be crucial when our young workers are applying for jobs and colleges. The ability to discuss 21st century skills and present hard evidence of working on them during the summer provides a huge advantage.

Growth Mindset - A growth mindset refers to the belief that an individual can continually gain intelligence, and understanding that effort makes them stronger.  Access to good quality feedback and self-refection tools are linked with the development of growth mindset. 



set them up for success

- Andrew Fisher, Consultant at Accenture/former Camper, Counselor and Unit Leader at Kenwood and Evergreen

  • Our certification program offers a unique incentive when trying to attract the best possible employers

  • A work placement offering experience coupled with hard evidence for their work poses a more inviting proposition

  • Investing in a quality staff development program will help retain positive, motivated, talented employees vital to an organization's success

Why is it important to invest in staff development??