• An intentional learning environment, helping them focus on career skills known as '21st century skills'

  • Helps staff members recognize the importance of self-reflection and personal growth

  • Opportunity to monitor their growth and identify key areas for improvement, exceeding expectations in a professional role.

  • Chance to be rewarded for a marketable, in-demand skill that is verified by a leading employer

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Photo by Kritchanut/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Kritchanut/iStock / Getty Images


  • College admissions officers and future employers will be impressed with the ability to intentionally self-reflect, supported with evidence of program involvement

  • Increased confidence in knowledge surrounding desired employee skills, coupled with the ability to talk about these in an interview

  • Workshops and supporting materials to enhance Resumes and communicate learning through job applications and interviews 

  • Hard evidence based examples of demonstrating 21st century skills in a professional workplace

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