e21 grew from a staff certification program implemented by Camps Kenwood & Evergreen in 2013, designed to recognize and reward the skills that their employees acquired and demonstrated over the summer. Kenwood & Evergreen have been incorporating 21st century skills into their staff training and management for many years, and K&E’s owner/director Scott Brody is a leading expert within the camp industry on the value and importance of teaching these skills to our children.

The purpose of the program was initially to endorse the fact that staff were learning and growing during a summer with K&E, and as a way to address the issue of the skills gap. However in implementing it, the program grew further into a successful staff training and management tool over the next couple of years, and has now evolved into a comprehensive stand-alone framework - e21.

Since 2016 the framework has been adopted and implemented by more camps who focus on skill development and strengthening as essential outcomes.