We support camps to establish and exceed high standards for their staff…and themselves


e21 is a dual-purpose program - an effective staff management tool and a professional development curriculum - designed for organizations who share our belief that camp is an experience that lasts a lifetime. We partner with you to understand the unique aspects of your business values, priorities and structure, and provide tools that elevate performance, offer opportunity for growth and enhance employee engagement.

How can e21 help you to excel?

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Work with e21 to offer staff a strong value proposition while also creating an improved experience for your campers and their families. Our program enables you to:

Attract and retain your best employees who feel pressure to get a “real” internship

Empower your supervisors to coach and give feedback to their staff

Acknowledge specific examples of your staff doing great work

Track staff performance and conduct meaningful evaluations

Hear from your staff and address issues in real time

Provide staff with the opportunity to grow and develop critical skills that will benefit them for life

Improve staff motivation and engagement

…and so much more!



Summer camp is so much more than just fun. Let’s show the world what we can do!