E21 are a group of camp professionals hoping to close the gap between the skills employers are looking for, and the number of workers who possess them. Using the counselor experience as a vehicle to drive change and growth in our young people. Recognizing and rewarding the development of critical workforce Skills. 

But don't worry, we haven't forgotten about you too. As camp directors we are constantly on the look out for marketing materials, sporting equipment, maybe online resources, that will elevate our camp programs (like you are doing right now). Our innovative curriculum will help you attract and retain better staff as well as increase your client outcomes. BUT better yet, provide you with a robust training and management system linked to the goals and desires of your specific workplace.

With over 70 Years of camp background across a diverse set of staff, we offer you a tailored plan centered around YOU and YOUR camp. 

Inspire our future workforce, improve your business and help create change through the magic of camp.


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Inspire your staff!


Provide your staff with the opportunity to grow, and learn critical skills that are relevant in a fast changing world. 

Refresh your program!


Optimize your workforce and in-house resources and stay ahead in the 21st century global market. 

Don't Believe us?


Read our testimonials from counselors who have participated in our program and directors who have implemented our system at their camps.


My experience at camp has set me apart in ways that many will never be able to understand and the skills that the workforce yearns for are simply inherent traits of of a good camp counselor.