We make it easy to implement the framework at your camp. We work with you every step of the way, imparting our knowledge of the content and processes involved to your leadership team ensuring you can successfully coordinate the program. We provide introductory presentations to explain this system to your staff. We work with you to design a program that is suitable for your camp's needs and can incorporate any staff management system you currently have in place. We provide all paperwork and materials necessary along with supporting information to help guide your team throughout the summer.

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  • A thorough staff management and development framework
  • Community wide culture of a ‘growth mindset’ that develops staff skills
  • A system to manage staff consistently throughout all areas of camp
  • A system for supervisors to provide regular feedback to staff
  • A system that yields improvements in staff by adopting coaching strategies
  • A framework to acknowledge, recognize and reward staff for their efforts
  • Employment that offers a certification in highly desirable skills
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  • Establishes a more connected network of communication among all staff
  • Better quality counseling through improving staff skill set
  • Prepares staff to thrive in their future – be college and career ready
  • Working for you will be more appealing to ambitious and quality staff – improve recruitment and increase staff retention
  • Better experience for campers – happier camp families
  • Helps to address the issue of the skills gap
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  • All summer camp staff take part – counselors, specialists, support staff, office staff etc.
  • Seasoned senior staff members (division leaders and department heads) are selected as mentors for the rest of their staff
  • Member(s) of the leadership team oversee and coordinate the program
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  • By integrating this culture and framework into your existing feedback and management system – or implementing one if you don’t currently have one in place (we can help in this process)
  • Through adopting a mentorship/coaching approach and creating a culture where staff are intentional about and aware of their learning and development
  • By focusing on critical 21st century skills to develop within your staff
  • By encouraging staff to strive to achieve specific criteria refined by researchers
  • Through regular meetings between mentors and staff discussing goals to work on and feedback
  • Materials that guide and support all staff through each process (we provide these)  
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  • Prior to the summer - preparation – we will familiarize you with the concept, process and materials ensuring everything is set up for the start of the summer
  • Orientation – introduction – explain to your staff the amazing opportunity they have and how the new system will take shape (we provide presentations to impart these concepts)
  • Orientation – training – instruct your mentors on the best coaching practices and techniques to elicit real growth in your staff (we provide educational sessions)
  • Camp session(s) – implement – throughout the course of your summer the program will take effect, applying regular meetings, feedback and coaching between mentors and staff 

Our program provides a platform that encourages real professional skill development in your staff, adopting a formal feedback and management system seen in any other industry. It allows your leadership team to foster a community centered around learning and improving throughout the course of the summer. Staff, campers and their families will all feel the benefits of this program, as will yourselves as an administration.