In addition to the advice and support to implement a potentially new staff management framework, you will also receive a comprehensive set of management, coaching and feedback tools that help to embed the program structure within your community. See examples of such materials below.

For the Directors..

Framework structure diagram.jpg

We provide resources that support those who are coordinating the program at your you camp. Such resources include visual, descriptive diagrams that help your leadership team and everybody involved understand, easily, the structure of your staff management system. 


We have also created several presentations aimed at various audiences, to educate your counselors, supervisors and support staff on the importance of the framework and what opportunities it presents them.


For the Division Leaders..


Your more senior staff (Division Leaders and Department Heads) will often assume the position of mentors to the rest of the staff. We have an abundance of tools you can use during staff training and throughout the summer to assist them in their important roles.


Tracking your staff's performance is a key element of the framework. Our materials for recording progress are designed to enable mentors to easily identify strengths and challenges within your staff and communicate this to you effectively. 

progress sheet.jpg

For the Counselors..

Who cares.jpg

Helping your counselors understand why their own personal/professional development is important, is a crucial part to improving your overall staff management system. Our materials highlight the HUGE industry leaders that are yearning for young people who demonstrate the skills that counselors have the opportunity to practice everyday at camp.


Additionally we have constructed self assessments that offer a method to identify and address specific areas of an individual's development where they may wish for guidance in. These help your counselors grow and improve over the course of the summer and provide you with a better overall understanding of your staff.

Self assessment.jpg