Our Story


E21 is a real company, run by real life people who want to make a real time difference in the summer camp industry. A variety of backgrounds glued together by the common theme of camp. E21 was first, just a vision, that became an idea, that became this amazing...thing!  Developed over a number of years to help streamline the staff management system and maximize the counselor experience.

Born in Wilmot, NH, to parents Kenwood & Evergreen. The staff program was initially contrived, to work alongside camp programming and camper outcomes. Already focusing meticulously on the learning environments they exposed campers to. Current research and education articles were also providing bucket loads of evidence to suggest that the 'summer camp counselor exeprience' is also incredibly beneficial to the young workers, in their future endeavors. Providing 'soft skills' employers and educators so willingly crave. 

Realizing and embracing this. 5 years ago K&E revamped the staff management and feedback system. Introducing self-directed flexible learning, formalized performance meetings and detailed self assessment tools with potential reward in the form of a certification. However, the certificate is the least important thing in terms of rewarding outcomes. 

This is Josh writing this section by the way, hey! (Im getting personal now so grammar may deteriotate slightly). Incidentally 2012 was both my, and the programs maiden voyage on the summer camp ship. Since then I've also undertaken the role of mentor, program co-ordinator and now I'm part of the E21 year round team. All websites out there contain a sales pitch, we are no different: INNOVATIVE, AMAZING, GET THIS PROGRAM OR YOUR CAMP WILL GO OUT OF BUSINESS NEXT YEAR...but the true value is hearing the success stories that come from a product or service, so here's mine:

I first came to camp because I was late leaving a lecture at my university in the UK, people then started flooding in for the next sitting. Being quite shy I didn't want to stand up and leave in the middle of the class so decided to stick it out. I'll do some other work or something, maybe look on facebook or check twitter. Dont think snapchat was out at that point, otherwise I'd of probably documented my misfortunes via that. Anyway it was a camp leaders presentation that changed my life. Long story short, I ended up at K&E. 






Once upon a time around 125 years ago, the summer camp industry was born. A place where children could hang out with friends, replicate their favorite sports personnel and master the art of trial and error. Fast forward to 2016 and not much has changed right? Well parents, educators and employers are now craving the camp experience more than ever for their children, students and staff. 

10 years ago Camps Kenwood & Evergreen began a transformation to becoming a truly immersive 21st century learning environment. Following trends and articles reporting the lack of 'soft skills' in our future workforce. K&E decided to intentionally remodel their programming, in order to facilitate the learning of these skills in campers. 

Naturally, these learning styles were being insitilled in staff as they are on the ground floor,