e21 grew from a staff certification program originally implemented at Camps Kenwood & Evergreen, designed to recognize and reward the skills that their employees acquired and demonstrated over the summer. Kenwood & Evergreen have been incorporating 21st Century Skills into their staff training and management for many years, and K&E’s owner/director Scott Brody is a leading expert within the camp industry on the value and importance of teaching these skills to our children.  The certification program grew into a successful staff training and management framework over the next couple of years, and has now evolved into a comprehensive program (e21). The framework is being implemented by camps who focus on 21st Century Skill development and strengthening as essential camper outcomes.


Passionate about the development of our young workforce, E21 grew and flourished from an internal staff certification program, that was originally implemented at Camps Kenwood & Evergreen, NH. Devised to help young people thrive and built to further aid their development. Through a framework underpinned by critical 21st century skills.  Spearheaded by K&E's owner Scott Brody, a leading expert within the camp industry on the value and importance of teaching these skills to our children.

10 years ago: He began to ask questions: How could we impart these philosophies onto our staff? How can we give them the best possible chance to be successful? After collaborating with camp professionals and leading corporate employers, the early makings of what is now E21, began to take shape. A focus on six key critical skills: Creativity, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Communication, Leadership and Work Ethic. These 'soft skills' were embedded into the staff culture, and recognized as important traits to demonstrate and transmit to their campers. We argued that being able to make a s'more was an equally important 21st century skill, but it didn't quite make the cut. 

5 years ago: The certification became formalized. A built in component of being a Kenwood & Evergreen  staff member. Committed to the growth of counselors, we introduced goal-setting, meetings with senior staff mentors and real time, in-depth self reflection. Allowing young workers to be intentional with their development, and expand their skill set in the camp environment. An environment that we will all agree is not the traditional work setting.  Summer camp staff have to think on their feet, be decisive, make quick decisions, resolve conflicts, be effective communicators. Whilst juggling the livelihoods of our youth on one hand, and a tray of milk and cookies on the other. The certification program held great value and success. Ever improving, young and motivated staff members, that were rewarded with hard evidence and a formal certificate that held tremendous importance away from their summer responsibilities.

Present: The program today, now named E21, has developed into a mindset that can be embedded into any camp culture. A successful staff training and management framework, focusing on 21st century skill development with the ability to strengthen essential camper outcomes. In 2016 the program was piloted in two additional summer camp organizations, (Camp Champions in Texas and Everwood Day Camp in Massachusetts) organizations that share our ethos,  stressing the role and importance of our youth as stakeholders in tomorrows world. 

We want to create a world in which summer camps can thrive, produce the next generation of leaders and be valued in todays career market. Using our extensive, research driven program, coupled with your passion for youth development. We can take the necessary steps to making those dreams a reality. 

Owner/Director of Kenwood and Evergreen Scott Brody, talks about teaching campers 21st century skills through their program. in order to achieve this, the staff must also demonstrate understanding and competence of the same skills