stand out from other camps

focus on the important skills

be intentional

Having the opportunity to offer this skills certification has allowed us to attract staff members who are highly motivated to develop essential skills that will make them successful and highly effective in their work
— Jason Sebell, Director at Kenwood & Evergreen

Jen T.jpg
The training materials were very helpful for both my counselors and division leaders. It allowed us to look at visual expectations together and develop strategies to accomplish targets that were not being met. It created structured time for staff to meet with supervisors to discuss performance and areas for growth.
— Jen Kaplan, Head Counselor at Everwood Day Camp

set them up for success

My experience at camp has set me apart in ways that many will never be able to understand and the skills that the workforce yearns for are simply inherent traits of a good camp counselor
— Andrew Fisher, Consultant at Accenture/former camper, counselor and Unit Leader at Kenwood & Evergreen

The 21st Century Skills Program gave me the tools and practice to effectively support my staff and campers. After the training, I walked away with concrete examples of what the 21st century skills looked like in day to day activities which made it easier to mentor and encourage the staff. I saw the benefits of this program trickle down to the campers, staff felt empowered to take on more responsibility and become more creative in their activities with the campers.
— Sarah Faulkner, Division Leader at Everwood Day Camp

The 21st century skills training helped me be able to handle difficult conversations with both staff and parents. It made me feel more comfortable with my communication skills and gave me more confidence as a leader.
— Victoria Rusek, Assistant Division Leader at Everwood Day Camp


- Courtney Chaloff, Girls Head Counselor at Kenwood and Evergreen

train your staff to teach the campers

I appreciated the framework we put in place last summer as it created a stable working environment for both myself and my staff. It helped each of us to grow as individuals and become more effective as counselors... it allowed my staff to gain a better understanding I had of them during the summer... the use of this framework created a huge base for growth and improvement for both myself and staff and has given me a different opinion on how I plan to oversee future staff members
— John Clark, Senior Unit Leader at Kenwood and Evergreen